Sunday, March 6, 2011

Annie~part 1

A few years ago, my Mother was diagnosed with 2 Brain Aneurysms.   This is the story of her journey. 

Tuesday September 4th, 2007.

My mind is racing like crazy.

The opening of the aircraft door is like the gunshot signaling the start of a marathon.  The hum of rolling suitcases and the clicking of shoes through the airport terminal fills my head, and I can't think. 

Being stuck at work {on an airplane} for the past 12 hours, and having no communication with the outside world,  is enough to make you crazy when you have things going on at home.  Every second matters when you step off the aircraft.   

The race is on. The mad dash through the terminal seems agonizing, as the anticipation of this moment has been consuming me all day.

I need to get out of the airport.  I need to make the phone call.

My mother had an appointment earlier that day with a Neurologist, and I desperately needed to hear the diagnosis.

My beautiful Mother, Paty
The symptoms started a few weeks earlier (August 13th) during a family luncheon.  A mild, unusual headache would begin around lunchtime and last throughout the day, and in to the next.   

An appointment with the Doctor for an evaluation, would turn into many, and the diagnosis would change from one illness to another.  

During her initial visit with the Doctor, she was told it was nothing serious.  Advil or Tylenol, along with rest should do the trick.

And, the headache continued.

A day later, blurred vision would send my Mother to the hospital.  Following a CT scan which returned clear, she was sent home with a prescription for what they called a severe sinus infection.

By now the fear began to set in. 

She had Never experienced a sinus infection before, but my Mom was certain it was not her sinuses.  

Then came the diagnosis of a Migraine.

New symptoms were beginning to emerge and her vision was slowly becoming compromised.  Her left eye was gradually beginning to droop and by the end of the week she was unable to open it.

I began to feel sick, as suddenly there was the realization that there was definitely something, seriously, wrong.

It was now September 4th... 3 weeks since the initial headache began and she was diagnosed with the following.  Headache.  Sinus infection.  Migraine.  Optic Neuritis. And now the possibility of MS.

It wasn't until she was referred to an ophthalmologist who saw something wrong neurologically and he immediately sent my Mom for a MRI and a CT scan with contrast dye... and then on to a Neurologist.

I finally make it to my car...
"Mom, what did they say?"

"Well." She said.  "I have 2 brain Aneurysms"

Just like that.

My heart fell to the pit of my stomach.  I tried to keep my composure while on the phone, but as soon as I hung up, the tears began flowing, uncontrollably down my face.

To be Continued...

For Part 2 of this story click here


  1. Jen I'm so sorry to hear....rushing over to read part 2 now! I have been on the other end and had to make that call to my mom.....awful awful awful- to hear it or to have to say it :(


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