Thursday, March 17, 2011

Utensil Organization

When we purchased our house we had the intentions of renovating the kitchen within the year.  Of course one year led to another, and {finally} after five years we took the plunge.

The original kitchen was a fairly decent size, but it just did not function well at all.  I'm not going to lie, it drove me absolutely bonkers!

What started out as a kitchen reno, quickly turned into a kitchen/living room/dining room renovation.  Walls and cupboards came down.  Tile and carpets came up.

It was utter chaos, and I was so excited!

It has been over a year since we moved back into the kitchen, and although the renovation has not yet been completed, it is a gazillion times better than it was. 

One of my favorite new additions was a 2 level custom cutlery drawer, which I turned into a storage drawer for my baking utensils.  Spatulas, piping tips, couplers, brushes, etc. all in one spot.

You don't need a custom drawer to achieve this.  There are many companies that make cutlery inserts that you can simply slip inside your existing drawers.  

I know it has made my life so much easier!


  1. Oh my! Awesome organization. Cannot even start to imagine all the other parts of the kitchen! Congratulations on the new kitchen!

  2. Thanks Sheikha! It's honestly the only thing in my kitchen that is organized. :)

  3. I COVET your utensil drawer. I want want want one. Whenever I can (get) and renovate a house I will certainly take your idea and make one too!

  4. Love the drawers!! I've taken pictures of my baking drawers/cupboards but I haven't been brave enough to post them yet!! Great post!

  5. Thanks Ladies! The drawer has certainly made my life so much easier!!
    Lizy b~ let's see the pics! :)

  6. I'm with Amanda - I *covet* this! Plus all the goodies within it!


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