Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Learning from Mistakes

"The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing."  ~John Powell

You know you're having a bad day when...

You wonder if you added the cheese to the macaroni, when you are supposed to be making Royal Icing for your cookies.

I just had one of those days...

Suddenly, the amount of water I needed for that perfect Icing was accidentally doubled,  because what I thought was a 1/4 cup was actually a 1/2 cup... and by the time I realized it, it was too late.  

No problem, right?!  Just double the other ingredients?  


No big deal if you have more icing sugar, time and patience.  

Let's see.  

Icing sugar... check
Time... 1/2 check
Patience....I don't want to talk about it. 

A problem that could have easily been fixed turned into The Absolute Worst icing I have ever made in my life.  

It was actually inedible...  

(No it wasn't the extra water.. it was everything else I did afterwards to try to fix it.)

The icing was super duper gritty and the taste was dreadful.  (Sound appealing?) 

So, I was left with two options, as I was now completely out of icing sugar.  

  1. Ditch the Valentine's cookies this year and use this icing as a cookie lesson.
  2. Drop everything, bundle the kids up,  get in the car and run to the nearest grocery store for more icing sugar to start all over again.

Well...  I went with option one as it seemed like the most logical choice.  

But, instead of doing a cookie lesson myself, I gave it to my two and a half year old Daughter Amelia to (play with) do her own cookie Tutorial.

So, get ready to be inspired... because here are some of the most fabulous cookie decorating tips you could ever dream of.  :)
Start with some super gritty, inedible Royal icing 
Spoon some Royal Icing on the counter.  Use it as finger paint, and then put your cookies on top. 
Begin to Decorate
If you are unhappy with the design you have piped on your cookie, you simply wipe it off with a dish sponge.
Oops!  If it drops on the floor {the cookie or the sponge}, don't worry.  Just lick it off and continue
Add Green Colouring to your Icing, (Because green is such a lovely Valentine's colour) and spoon it on your cookie.  This method is so much quicker than flooding.
Cookies for her teacher. I know... you're totally wishing she was your student!!  

For more cookie decorating tips from Amelia click Here


  1. This is *hilarious*!! This is the kind of stuff that happens in my kitchen all the time - "Nelle - you can't lick the spoon yet, it's just egg and sugar!" "Nelle - hands out of there, please!" and so on ...

    Love it :)

  2. Thanks Amanda! Yes, it's always a mess but so much fun! :)


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