Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sock Monkey Cookies

My latest cookie adventure involved these Sock Monkey Cookies
Now, from this photo the little guys don't look that bad right?  

Well, unfortunately this Photo was taken before things went terribly wrong for us ("us" meaning me and the monkeys).  

The icing wasn't drying, and I was *running out of time*.
By Friday morning I was certain these little guys wouldn't be dry in time for delivery (They were for that evening), but I crossed my fingers and carried on.  By the afternoon, I thought things were looking up as they seemed dry enough to package... I mean they had been drying for a couple of days. 

I packaged all the cookies individually in cellophane bags and tied them with pretty ribbons, and I was pretty happy with them... until I looked down and noticed the red mouth was sweating and the black icing had smudged all over the place. 

They looked like The Joker... and I almost cried.
{insert word of choice here}... What. A. DISASTER!  

I found out afterwards that the cookies did not need to be packaged.  (I know... had I asked in the beginning, the joker face could have been avoided all together!)  

But, not having to re-package the monkeys, allowed me to carefully rub off the black and re-draw the mouth.

The bleeding red icing is a whole other story..  

Do you have any tricks for working with red icing, and icing that won't dry?


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog today!
    Those monkeys are perfect! AND it looks like you've figured out your camera (I'm still using "auto"!!)
    All I can think of is that it's humid where you are, OR you may have overdone it a bit on the food coloring. I find that too much food coloring deteriorates the icing (breaks it down and makes it too liquidy)

  2. I think they are really cute but I can imagine your panic when they started to bleed when packaged. Gail @THEToughCookie once tweeted that if you need your cookies to dry in a hurry, put them on a cookie sheet in the oven at 170 degrees for awhile. This *warming temperature* won't cook the cookie but will help speed the icing drying.

  3. @adozeneggs, I think I do definitely add too much food colour. I will have to watch for that next time.
    @Paula, that is a great idea to use the oven. Thanks for sharing.

  4. They are so cute!
    So sad about the packaging :(
    Red is so stressful to use, and I tend to use it a lot. UGH> Now I try to let the red dry by itself for almost a day :)


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