Wednesday, August 24, 2011

When I Should be Studying...

In one short week, I will be returning to work as a Flight Attendant, and my year of Maternity leave will be OVER.  (Insert tears, here).

The last year at home has been incredible, and I have truly enjoyed every minute of being home with my kids.  

The thought of going back is difficult.  I have a lot of mixed feelings about my return.  


Don't all Moms feel like that after maternity leave?

Nervous.  I have not worked a flight in nearly two years (I worked on the ground while pregnant).

Scared.  I may be spending too much time on the computer, and not enough time studying.  What if I don't pass my 6 days of exams? Isn't that right, Mom? :) 

Sad to be leaving my kids (although, they won't really notice because I will be flying while they are sleeping, and home by the time they are out of bed).  

Happy that I passed my medical exam and that I am allowed to return work... (that's a whole other story).

In preparation for my Flight Attendant Exams, I have a tremendous amount of reading to catch up on, along with a couple of work books to complete.  And for those of you with kids, you know how difficult it can be to read with 2 little ones running around...  (It took me nearly a week to get through one chapter of my manual).  

Then, when I do have some time to myself and should be reading, and studying, and preparing myself for my exams (such as right now), I am here.  Writing this post, and watching my kids in daycare from my computer.
And posting these little guys.
With short arms
And crazy hair.
And little air bubbles in their icing belly... see them?
(The quickest fix for removing the air bubbles, is to remove the belly cookie from the picture all together!)  :)

Happy Wednesday.  
I hope your day is a little more productive than mine!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Annie-Part 3

A few years ago, my Mother was diagnosed with 2 Brain Aneurysms.   This is the story of her journey.
For Part 1 of this story click Here
For Part 2 of this story click Here

The Code-Blue announcement over the hospital intercom left us frozen in our spots, unable to move.

Doors flung open. Nurses came out from everywhere and headed towards the intensive care unit where my Mom had been taken to.  

I wanted to yell. 

I {So, Badly} wanted to yell at the nurses to run, but the words wouldn't come out of my mouth.  

The clock slowed down and the seconds ticked by. So. Incredibly. Slowly. As we waited for any kind of an update.  

At last, the door that led to the ICU, opened again and the nurses slowly trickled their way back out.

"False Alarm, she's fine," the nurse said.  The cord was accidentally unplugged when they were getting her in the room.

I wanted to punch her.  

One would think that finding out your Mom's heart never actually stopped beating would be a joyous moment.   And it definitely was, don't get me wrong.  The build up anxiety-stress-fear-worry, of the last few weeks-days-hours-minutes-seconds, left me feeling sick with an incredible urge to vomit.  Especially knowing that there was still a growing Brain Aneurysm, and she would undergo a second surgery and go through this hell again. 
Over the past month, the larger of my Mom's two Brain Aneurysms had been growing and pressing against her optic nerve.  By the time she was admitted to the hospital for her first surgery, she had lost the majority of her eyesight in one eye and was unable to open the eye without physically lifting the eyelid with her hand. A blessing in disguise as it was ultimately what lead to the discovery of the Aneurysms.  

The Neurosurgeons were not sure if the damage to her eye was reversible and if my Mom would regain use of her eye again.  At this point, we just felt so lucky that she was alive.

During her first Brain surgery, the larger Aneurysm had been clipped and my Mom was scheduled a couple of months later to have the second Aneurysm coiled

The wait between the two surgeries was hard on all of us, as it literally felt like she had a ticking time bomb in her head.  The news that I was pregnant was a little bit of a distraction for my Mom, giving her a {little} something to keep her mind off of the upcoming surgery.

To Be Continued...


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