Monday, November 22, 2010

A Trip to the Dentist

I love having my teeth cleaned.  The poking... the pain... the scraping... the bleeding... the flossing... the bleeding... the pain... the water splashing all over your face... yes, It's so attractive...

Oh, and the vacuum in the mouth or suction, or whatever it's called.  You know the thing that sucks out every last little bit of saliva from your soul.  Your mouth can never be too dry, I guess!

A little more talk, talk, talk, scrape, scrape, scrape...oh my god, I'm going to bleed to death... oh wait, false alarm... that's not blood... it's chocolate.

Did I mention that my appointment was at lunchtime?

Lady, I'm hungry.. and I'm afraid if you don't hurry up and get your fingers out of my mouth, I may bite one off and eat it.  Haven't you seen the amount of chocolate you are scraping off my teeth?  Just sayin...

On my way home, I thought...  I should really go on a Dental Hygienist diet.  I could have my teeth cleaned twice a week... perhaps I wouldn't be able to eat as much from the pain and I could lose the extra 25 pounds I am carrying.

That thought lasted until I got home, and instead I had one of these...

chocolate Brownies
I had too.

I can't lie though... The feeling of clean teeth really was great while it lasted!

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  1. Those brownies look delicious. Wish I could have one after my dentist appointment tomorrow!


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