Tuesday, November 23, 2010

For the Love of Chocolate

Nothing says love like a chocolate brownie... At least in my world!

For those of you wondering about the brownie I had yesterday after my dentist appointment, it was this one:
Martha Stewart's Double Chocolate Brownie And it was Delicious!

My Sister-in-Law Zarine, gave me This Martha Stewart Cookie Book which so far... I love!  I have only  tried a few recipes, but they have been really great.  What I really love about the book is that there are pictures to show you every single cookie... Who doesn't love that!
Butter, Chocolate & Cocoa
Melted Chocolate, Cocoa and Butter 
Whip Eggs & Sugar
Add Chocolate
Mix until Chocolate is incorporated
Don't let the look of them Fool you.. they are 
Cut and devour!
There are a couple of differences between the recipe on the web and the recipe in the book, but nothing major.  The first ... the book calls for Dutch Process cocoa, and coarse salt instead of regular salt.  I didn't have Dutch process Cocoa, so I used Natural and it worked well.

There is a good explanation of Cocoa and the difference between Natural vs. Dutch process on the David Lebovitz website.
Cocoa Powder- Natural vs. Dutch Process

Now if only I could find my camera charger, perhaps I could take a half decent photo...

Happy Baking!

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