Monday, November 15, 2010

Perfecting the Pie

          "In order to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe".       
          ~Carl Sagan 

It's no secret... I can't make a pie!

Producing a beautiful, light, flaky pie crust requires patience, cold ingredients, and very little mixing of the dough.  I know the rules, but for some reason I always have this urge to knead the day lights out of it...

I think I add too little water in the beginning and then over mix it.  After I realize it's too dry, I compensate by adding more water and then I mix, mix, mix.  Needless to say it's not good...  In fact, I’m not going to lie... it’s pretty terrible!

Now,  coming from a family of amazing pie makers, it's pretty embarrassing that I have yet to accomplish this task.  

So... My goal?  I have decided that while I am on Maternity leave, I will learn to perfect the pie!  You know, the beautiful pies with a top crust and a pretty fluted edge.  If that means I need to make one thousand pies in order to do so... then SO BE IT... I will do it!  If that means I have to kidnap my cousin Steve to teach me... I said I will do it!

My husband, being my number one taste tester, was extremely supportive of my decision to take on this task... well, making pies, not kidnapping my cousin Steve.

Having made this promise, I began searching for the perfect pie crust recipe.  Of course when I stumbled upon this recipe "best ever pie recipe" (based on 625 people), I had to try it.  Who wouldn't?  It says it's the "best" right in the name.  What could go wrong?

My first attempt at this recipe was not so terrible.  Perhaps I had finally found a recipe that I could work with.
Not the best looking dough, but 
definitely not my worst!
Apple pie is my first challenge
Ready for the topping
Oven Bound
Fresh out of the oven

Do you remember I said I wanted to make pies with the pretty fluted edge?  This is definitely not what I meant!

There were a few things I would have done different.  I think I added too much water and I didn't leave enough dough to make a fancy edge on the pie.  Overall the flavour was pretty good and I will be attempting this recipe again!

Round 2-Second attempt at the same recipe

 At first glance, the overall appearance looks 
better than the first, but...
If you look closely at the pie in the upper left corner, you will notice the cracking in the dough.  I reduced the water in the recipe (apparently too much), and for some reason, the crust was not as tasty as the first (Yeah, don't know what I did there!).  I got more of a fluted edge this time, but the crust was a mile thick... too thick!

Oh well... back to the drawing board!

Until the next Recipe!

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  1. I tried this pies and they were delicious, don't underestimate yourself Jen


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