Wednesday, August 24, 2011

When I Should be Studying...

In one short week, I will be returning to work as a Flight Attendant, and my year of Maternity leave will be OVER.  (Insert tears, here).

The last year at home has been incredible, and I have truly enjoyed every minute of being home with my kids.  

The thought of going back is difficult.  I have a lot of mixed feelings about my return.  


Don't all Moms feel like that after maternity leave?

Nervous.  I have not worked a flight in nearly two years (I worked on the ground while pregnant).

Scared.  I may be spending too much time on the computer, and not enough time studying.  What if I don't pass my 6 days of exams? Isn't that right, Mom? :) 

Sad to be leaving my kids (although, they won't really notice because I will be flying while they are sleeping, and home by the time they are out of bed).  

Happy that I passed my medical exam and that I am allowed to return work... (that's a whole other story).

In preparation for my Flight Attendant Exams, I have a tremendous amount of reading to catch up on, along with a couple of work books to complete.  And for those of you with kids, you know how difficult it can be to read with 2 little ones running around...  (It took me nearly a week to get through one chapter of my manual).  

Then, when I do have some time to myself and should be reading, and studying, and preparing myself for my exams (such as right now), I am here.  Writing this post, and watching my kids in daycare from my computer.
And posting these little guys.
With short arms
And crazy hair.
And little air bubbles in their icing belly... see them?
(The quickest fix for removing the air bubbles, is to remove the belly cookie from the picture all together!)  :)

Happy Wednesday.  
I hope your day is a little more productive than mine!


  1. you are crazy, but I love you like that (crazy)

  2. You have a lot of cramming to do but I'm sure you will do well on your exams.
    Thanks for procrastinating and doing this post with these adorable cookies!
    Good luck with your studies ;)

  3. love love love the sqiggly guys Jen!


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