Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Kitchen Reno

After what felt like the longest renovation in the history of renovations, my kitchen has finally reached a point where I feel like it is nearly completed.  

Of course, there are always little things that need to be done such as replacing the fridge for a stainless one, properly wiring the television, finishing the lighting and the trim... but, considering what we have gone through, these seem like minor touches.  

We were very fortunate through the whole process, as the majority of the renovations were done by family members.  Our main contractor was my Cousin, and our Kitchen cupboards were custom built by my very talented Aunt and Uncle.

There are many things that I love about my new kitchen, and a few months ago, I posted one of my favourites Here.

So, here you have it... The Before and After photos.

(This was the kitchen before we moved in)
 An example of the chaos we lived in.
 Yes, I did take a photo with a box of diapers smack in the middle.  And if you look really close, you can see a half-dead aloe plant near the back wall.
 Walls and cupboards came down.  Tile and carpets came up.

Eventually, we will replace the fridge (I keep repeating this with hopes that my Husband is reading)
Our newest addition is this custom built hall closet (on the left).
Another view of the closet.
Lighting and trim will need to be finished, and the T.V. will need to be properly wired... (Again, fingers crossed my Husband is reading).
And perhaps a nicer garage door (Just sayin').
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  1. Your friends and family did a fantastic job, the transformation is stunning. I don't think I would venture into any other area of the house and be totally content just living in your new kitchen :) Enjoy it.

  2. WOW!!!! Im looking at doing a reno soon! This is gorgeous! Congrats!

  3. Big improvement, very well done.

  4. Wow! I think I put your original kitchen in back in 1986, I remember THAT reno, I thought those cabinets were the bomb! 5 kitchens later I seriously hope the next house is done...


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