Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Elf on the Shelf

Meet Jessery Stinkplum.

He’s our crazy Elf on the Shelf who joined our family two years ago.  

After some fun family brainstorming, the name Jessery Stinkplum came to life. It seemed quite fitting for our Elf, as right from the get-go it appeared that he may get himself into some crazy shenanigans.   

Last year he arrived in a box full of snow via Canada post
He dressed up as Santa Claus and wrapped a bunch of mini gifts
He hung out on the wreath
He made chocolate Initials for the kids

He hung out inside a big giant balloon (he could have finished installing the pot lights, and fixed the pillows on the couch if you asked me)
He tangled himself in Christmas lights and hid in the plant
He took a small airplane ride
He took a big airplane ride
He got into the toilet paper
He wrapped himself up, and then wrapped himself inside a mirror

He had green tea and mini donuts with Barbie on their first date
And then he married her
He drew moustaches on our Family photos
He turned our milk green
He started a “Reward Jar” for the kids and every time they earned a marshmallow, it went into the jar.  Once the jar was full he surprised them with hot chocolate and marshmallows so they could have a hot chocolate party.
He ate an entire bag of Werther’s
He painted our nails while we slept
He got into the baking supplies and baked cookies
Jessery Stinkplum and Barbie replaced our hand prints with their own
And of course he dressed up as a superhero.

These are just a few of the things that Jessery has been up to at our house, and we are anxious to see what is in store for us this year.

What crazy things has your Elf been up to?

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  1. We'll you certainly had your hands full last year! What a little character your Jessery was and what a great post! Can't imagine the time and effort you went to create all of this but I'm glad you did. The cutest and funniest post on Elf on the Shelf I've ever seen.


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