Thursday, September 29, 2011

Reality check

Today I spent 10 minutes trying to wipe off hair dye from my face, only to realize it wasn't hair dye.  The marks were age spots... (I wish I were joking)
Before going back to work tomorrow, I was really, {REALLY} hoping to lose 10 pounds, but the extra month off, really wasn't good for my waistline.

Once I realized I couldn't lose 10 pounds overnight, I thought I would at least colour my hair.  Makes sense, right?
Now, I am not a hairdresser.  This was confirmed a couple of weeks ago when I tried to cut my Son's hair.  All I can say is thank goodness he is only one, and will not remember the whole ordeal. 

Now having made this confession, I would kindly ask that you please not tell my Grandmother.
Why the secret from my Grandma?  Well, I think she may believe I'm a hairdresser.

When I was a teenager, I took a semester off from High School and moved to Mexico to live with my Grandparents.  The plan was to brush up on my Spanish, (and learn to read and write) but when I arrived, my Grandma gave me two options.

Option #1) I could enroll in school as planned 
Option #2) I could take private Spanish lessons and use the remaining time to travel. 

Duh... There was really, only one logical choice.   

I absolutely insisted I go to school.

Okay, that's a lie!  I chose option #2.  I figured I could practice my "Dos Cervezas Por Favor" at the resorts.
So, I got a tutor.  And my Spanish really suffered as I became good friends with my Spanish teacher.  We spent most of my class time at the local coffee house drinking coffee and chatting about her boyfriend.  (Come to think of it, maybe we weren't really good friends as I was still paying her for Spanish lessons and her coffee)..  Great.
Okay, back to my lack of hairdressing skills...  

My Grandmother thought it would be fun for me to join some classes in between our travel adventures so that I could make some friends and have some fun.  So I joined hair dressing school... (Why hairdressing and not baking you ask?  Because her Nephew owned a hairdressing school.)  So my hairdressing really suffered as I made some friends and we spent most of the class at the local coffee house drinking coffee and chatting about their boyfriends. 

Do you see a pattern?
I do like coffee.  

So, now you know.  I dye my hair and I have age spots.  I blog about hairdressing but throw in some baby shower cookies and cupcakes.

I am sitting in my kitchen eating a pear, pretending it's a cupcake.  Yet still, in all likely hood, my uniform still isn't going to fit me tomorrow. 

That's it.  End of Story.

Happy Grey's Anatomy night.  Do you watch?


  1. Jen in person you are so sweet and quiet. On here you are funny and make reading your blogs funny and you make me want to read more.

  2. I can't believe you spent time writing all this instead of sleeping before you go back to work. But I love it and you

  3. Fantastic post. Wonderful cakes and cupcakes. You are funny, talented and you will fit into your uniform when you go back to work everyone will tell you how fabulous you looked and how much they missed you. Just try not to spend too much time drinking coffee and chatting (at least not the first week back, LOL)

  4. At least you try to do hair Jenn that counts for something right?? Remember you helped me with my hair at my moms wedding....well tried to, thanks for that i was freaking! It was my fault anyways i waited till the last minute, oops :( Of course when i was at home a week before the wedding (all alone and no where to go) my hair looked perfect, same style and everything! Isn't that always the way. Sometimes i just want to run out to the store or call a friend to show off my "home hair", it never looks that good when im on my way out the door!!

  5. might have motivated me to diet. I am way to fluffy {and I now have pics to prove it} and I am looking my age, EWE! But your cookies made me smile. I guess I better morph all my cookies into pears too.

  6. Jen I miss you. You are so funny. Hope work is great for you. Love your blogs.

  7. Ah Jenny Park! I need to dye my hair, any advice from the professional?

  8. i like your food pictures and want to invite you to try out it's for anyone that just wants another place to submit photos and share it will other foodies. It’s still in beta version, but would love for you to start adding some photos and help get it going.


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